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The Queer Union for Economic and Social Transformation (QUEST9ja) is a revolutionary queer collective in Nigeria dedicated to queer liberation. We are an abolitionist, anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, and pan-Africanist group of radical queer Nigerians who are fighting for economic and social justice. We are organizing to end all discriminatory laws that affect queer people in Nigeria and to halt the continuing deterioration of Nigeria into a queerphobic neo-fascist police state.

We want a transformed society free of police violence, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, classes & all other forms of state violence.

We believe that through dismantling all forms of societal oppression, we will be able to wrest Nigeria from the economic forces that are tearing it apart and fashion it into a truly equitable and just society where everyone is free from oppression. Understanding that oppression is systemic, we favour a wholesale replacement of the current capitalist sociopolitical system because that is what it would take to achieve the full and permanent liberation of queer people.

We are organizing towards building dual power for queer people to counteract this violence in the short term, while also organizing to completely dismantle it as a long-term goal. This dual power is aimed at creating safety for ourselves including through the creation of mutual aid, healthcare support, housing support, educational support and political education to combat reactionary worldviews which are rampant within the Nigerian working class.


QUEST9ja is an abolitionist, anti-imperialist and pan-Africanist union committed to socialist revolution. Our members are committed to the overthrow of capitalism and cisheteropatriarchy in Nigeria as the way of achieving queer liberation. We believe that tools of the carceral state, such as the police and Nigeria’s inhumane prison system are vestiges of colonial violence and that they do not protect us. All they do is implement state violence, enforce cisheteropatriarchy and protect the ruling elites and their economic interests. We believe the less power they have; the safer we will be as a community. We are connected to our African queer siblings through common struggle, not only within ECOWAS states but throughout the continent and globally. Black lives matter, and the devaluation of black lives is tied so strongly to the devaluation of queer lives across the globe.

We oppose imperialism as it entrenches capitalist exploitation, robs us of political agency and engenders environmental destruction in our communities, especially in the Niger Delta. We believe that queer liberation is itself an act of decolonization and an undoing of centuries of imperialist harm, including those committed in collaboration with the Nigerian elites since political independence.

We deplore classism, misogyny, ethnocentric nationalism, ableism and other reactionaryworldviews that endanger marginalized people and harm community building.


Queer Union For Economic and Social Transformation


6 Jan

Rest in power, Edwin Chiloba. 💔💔💔

May your life continue to inspire us to keep fighting for an Africa where you would have been safe.


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Queer Union For Economic and Social Transformation


30 Dec

How it stated Vs How it went


Under Rated Society

EVERYONE INCLUDED :: Please brag to me about a thing you did in 2022 that you’re proud of.

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Queer Union For Economic and Social Transformation


21 Dec

The AAC is the first party to incorporate queer liberation into their plan to liberate this country.

But @YeleSowore has to be careful to treat this not as a “this isn’t what our problem is” but as a “The state is killing, incarcerating and marginalising a community of people.”

Coconut Head 🇳🇬

African Action Congress Party Presidential candidate @YeleSowore is the only candidate supporting the LGBTQ community unlike some people’s candidate that believes LGBTQ should be killed. Vote wisely @aacparty #SoworeMagashi2023 #FarFromHome Croatia

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Justice Okai-Allotey #QueerLivesMatter


13 Dec

Western aid flowed to churches that oppose LGBTQI+ rights in Ghana – CNN https://www.cnn.com/2022/12/13/africa/us-europe-aid-lgbtqi-ghana-churches-investigation-as-equals-intl-cmd-dg/index.html

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